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There are several interesting attractions in Monsanto, which provide different experiences in this mythical region.

At the entrance of the historic village we find the viewpoint of the Praça dos Canhões, which offers a magnificent view of the plains surrounding Monsanto. A few meters above we find the main church, built in the 15th century and restored in the 18th century. This imposing and perfectly preserved building still retains its original Roman door at its front entrance.

Climbing up the stone alleys from the center of the village, we arrive at the Castle, another must-see monument. Located at the highest point of the hill (758 meters), the view of the Castle is absolutely incredible and breathtaking, promising to calm the most palpitating hearts, after a long but unforgivable journey!

Access to the various sites throughout the region is simplified by long existing pathways. The actual roads, leading to natural points interest and monumental relics of the whole region, have additional interest. For example, the contraband routes of yesteryear, today have become recreational routes.

Monsanto is also a village full of customs and traditions with strong symbolic content, as we can see from its crafts (the Marafonas, for example, rag-dolls, without eyes, mouth, nose or ears, dressed in a colourful regional costume) and its popular traditions.

The Itineraries

One of the Casas da Villa’s main distinctive feature are its touristic itineraries, differentiating it from the competition, which normally only offers accommodation and food. The itineraries are diversified, in order to provide clients with different alternatives, according to their interests. Within each type of itinerary, the client will have several circuits at his disposal, multiplying its range of choices. The themes of the itineraries are:

Monuments – An itinerary centred on the historical slant, including several monuments of the region (Route of the Templars; 17 circuits).

Environmental / scenic – The Monsanto area boasts an evident environmental and scenic beauty, ideal for those who enjoy nature (8 circuits).

Health – This itinerary includes the Termas de Monfortinho. With therapeutic virtues recognised since Roman times, the Fonte Santa de Monfortinho waters are advised to treat chronic skin diseases, digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems disorders and rheumatic diseases. The Spa offers a selection of personalised, rigorous, professional treatments with recognised results. It is also ideal for rest, relaxation and beauty treatments.

Gastronomy – The region is also known for its strong culinary heritage, which is highlighted in this itinerary.

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Clean & Safe - Turismo de Portugal

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