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Casas da Villa

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The Casas da Villa (Houses of the Town) result from a passion for Monsanto, considered to be the most Portuguese village in Portugal; they are also the consequence of their owner’s strong connection to the land. But what makes the Casas da Villa such a special tourism venture is the fact that it was designed to respect its origins, to be at the service of Monsanto, the village and its people.

Each one of the Casas da Villa houses is the fruit of a meticulous restoration process, which carefully maintained its original traits – in homage to the region and its history -, to which we added modern comforts to provide a unique and genuine experience. Some of the original stone walls have been protected by “windows”, giving our guests a feel of the essence of the houses without forgoing the contemporary amenities expected these days.

The location of the houses, in the heart of Monsanto, provides a unique experience and a splendid horizon that you will not forget! From the terraces of the Casas da Villa, visitors can also enjoy the splendid horizon that surrounds them, in an atmosphere of calm and liberty.


Offering a complete range of services in terms of leisure and tourism, in an area with unique characteristics in the region, aiming to provide its customers with a charming, genuine, fun and restful environment, enhancing the cultural, historical and traditional heritage of the Monsanto region.


To be recognised as a tourism experience of excellence and a reference for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the Monsanto Region, promoting culture, convenience, tradition, health, leisure and liberty.


The Casas da Villa are based on the following fundamental pillars: Passion, Honesty and Integrity, Charm, Familiarity, Tradition, Sophistication and Quality.

Clean & Safe - Turismo de Portugal

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